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"Fetuses have rights, too!"



In order to have rights - that pertain to US laws - you have to be a citizen of the US. 

To be a US citizen you either:

  • have to be born in the US
  • born to US citizens (if born abroad)
  • pass a citizenship test.  

Fetuses are the “pre-born.”

So, nope, fetuses do not have any rights in the US. :)

Truth be truth

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Comic-Con attendees who always wanted to know how it feels to pilot a Jaeger from the Guillermo del Toro film Pacific Rim will finally get their chance. Legendary Entertainment is hosting the Pacific Rim Jaeger Pilot Oculus Rift Experience at its booth, #3920. Here’s a description of what sounds to be one of the most popular events on the exhibit floor:

We have worked closely with the leading pioneers of virtual reality, Oculus VR, to deliver a new benchmark in Oculus Rift experiences.

Fans will experience what it feels like to pilot a 250-story robot as they step into a fully-realized Jaeger Combat Simulator. Strapping on the Oculus Rift headset, fans will ‘Drift with the Rift’ and experience the beloved universe of Pacific Rim in a whole new way.

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You're gorgeous
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Why thank you, darling greyface.

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ok 1 why the fUCK do you have a skunk

You can have their gland removed so they don’t stink, and then they’re basically cats after that.

So fuckin adorable

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God forbid we teach the children psychology !!!

i wish the devil would have taught me all this and i wouldn’t have to pay for college

The devil sure sounds like a good teacher. Does hell offer summer classes?

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{sobs} i miss them so much

its been awhile and i drew them from memory so forgive me uhh

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Grandma: Explain to me how I used to have Type II diabetes, when I quit my meds and eat ice cream every night —

Me: Grandma, you’re in a hospital.

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One of the best cosplays at this year’s Comic-Con. [via]


One of the best cosplays at this year’s Comic-Con. [via]

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